"Ethereal" Art box

"Ethereal" Art box


The Ethereal artbox is a curated, at home art experience.


There are 3 themes to select from: Meditation, Release, and Moon bath.


Each set contains:

  • #1 original poem + digital illustration (5"x7")
  • #2  hand-poured soy candle inspired by the art
  • #3  5"x7" matte fine art prints.
  • ***#1 signature collection candle called “Dreamer.”


More about the box items


"Dreamer" is a fusion of Dragon’s Blood and Caribbean Escape fragrance oils. A blend of sweet, spicy, and earthy notes infused with cedarwood, orange, clove, and a vanilla-musk finish, the "Dreamer" candle is perfect for any time of day when you want to reset and connect to your inner magic.



Find a quiet space and get in tune with your inner self. This set focuses on setting intentions and clearing your mental queue. Light the "Meditation" candle, a blend of patchouli saffron and dark amethyst fragrance oils, for a relaxing scent that fills your home with tranquility. 


5” x7” print titles: Cotton Candy Skies, Free to be, and Home Practice.



Pour yourself a glass and kick off your pants. This set focuses on channeling your inner rebel and saying screw it. Light the "Release" candle, a blend of Honolulu sun and sweet rain fragrance oils, for a fruit-infused and woody scent that’ll carry you away to distant lands. 


5” x7” print titles: Aqua afterglow, Bouquet, and Drifting Away.


Moon bath

For the spiritual type who love all things mystic, this set focuses on self-care practices. Light the "Moonbath" candle, a blend of fresh cotton and mountain meets the ocean fragrance oils, for an aroma that clears away spiritual grime. 


5” x7” print titles: Dusk, Moonbath, and the Empress