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What is black art?

What exactly is black art? Does black art focus on certain topics like social commentary and politics? Does black art inherently have to refer to historical time periods like the slave trade or civil rights? Is any and everything a black artist make black art simply because of their skin complexion?

I was recently featured in a special interview entitled "Blackness" as a part of the Our Voices. Our lives series by Wfjr films. This special focuses on Black Atlanta visual artists, black identity, and how this shapes how we approach our art.

You can view the special in its entirety below.

When it comes to the intersectionality of black art and blackness, my goal as an artist has always to create art that celebrates the spirit of black women. When you look at my art you won't find recognizable skin tones of copper and mahogany, but you'll feel a familiarity. Even in these abstracted and dreamy fantasy worlds, in my work black women can still see themselves and connect to the work. These elements are intentional in my artwork.

I've always believed that black art can be more than just the pains and sadness black people have experienced. Our art doesn't have to be rooted in what we come to see and know daily. Instead through art we can explore endless possibilities. Black art can be colorful and bright; spiritual and mystical; feminine, and enchanting.

During this time of global shift, I hope to continue to use my platform to celebrate and uplift black women and black art overall.

How would you describe what black art is or means to you?

- bR!

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