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Behind the art: Phases Painting

I've always been fascinated by the parallels women share with nature. How our emotions flow like water, how the moon cycle pushes and pulls us. Being pregnant seemed to magnify these energies.

I started painting this piece while I was pregnant. It was refreshing to work on it again. To reflect back to this time, this space, feeling all the magic that still lingered.

A funny thing happened when finishing this painting. I shared a work in progress shot of the painting, assuming that few would "like" it. The photo ended up being shared quite a bit to my surprise. And while I was truly humbled by how many resonated with the painting in its rawest state, sometimes as an artist we see things differently.

I've been pushing myself to be more open with my art making process, allowing others in, seeing how things come together. With sharing, I also have to have my own boundaries and to listen to my own voice and not let "what will other people like" affect how I make art. It is a very delicate place to seek balance within, but that was the lesson this painting offered: Honor the journey, see it through, and you attract what you put out.

An even greater surprise came when a fellow creative and his wife wanted to purchase the painting as an anniversary gift. It always warms my heart when someone really connects with a piece and I knew they were the right owners for the painting. They're first time parents like myself and we've been sharing stories of anxiousness and amazement at our little people. This is what art is about. Connecting with people through our experiences.

For a limited time you can purchase the "Phases" art package. This package includes your choice of color shirt and an 8.5"x11" foiled embellished art print.

Shirts come in berry and navy blue. Prints come with matte frame.

Below is a video giving a little further insight to the original painting and the intention behind it


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