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Painting for me: An act of self-care.

Earlier this year I made space in my home for an art studio. I set up my supplies in the corner and laid out a tarp on the floor so I could be as messy as my heart desired. On the wall I hung up painting after painting, until no more could fit. I liked the feel of it, being surrounded by atmospheric clouds and goddesses. The silver and gold foil accents shimmered when the lights were on. You couldn't help but stare. I sat there in the space I carved out for me one day recently, eyes dancing from canvas to canvas. I wondered.

"When was the last time I painted for myself?"

For a week I pondered on this question as I worked on a new painting. And each day, I was left stumped and without an answer. I couldn't remember. It's been so long since I created without the pressure and stress of my art business looming in the back of my mind. I had painted because I "needed" to finish projects. I had painted because bills were piling up and funds were low. I had painted for others, as gifts and such. I even painted for my daughter for her monthly photo shoots . But none of these times did I truly paint because I wanted to, for the fun of it, for the creative process of watching a blank canvas transform before my eyes.

I remember when I first started painting consistently. I was 19 or 20 in college. After classes or work I'd come home and lock myself in my room all night, jazz music humming softly in the background. The hours would roll by effortlessly. What I enjoyed most was the amount of peace that came from this routine of making space and time for me, for self expression through my art.

Painting for me has always been first and foremost an act of self-care. Art making requires me to sit, to focus on my thoughts, and to work through making an abstract concept into a tangible image. I plan on continuing this approach to my work: being intentional with what I am creating and using my art to connect with others through our shared emotions and experiences. I can't wait to see and show you where this renewed outlook on my art making takes me. Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list so you will know as well.


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