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Behind the art: Mural Practice (Photos and video process)

I wrote in a previous post about experiencing creative blocks and how to move through them. In my efforts to work through my own, I decided to take on a new project. I wanted to try something challenging that would push me out of my comfort level. So I called up a friend, asked was it cool to practice on a wall, and two weekends later, we have a mural.

I'm very hands-on with my work. I love to be close, to touch it in every step of the way. Creating a piece on a surface that couldn't be rotated and manipulated in angle is something I wasn't used to. The size of the painting was also a challenge, considering it is the largest painting I've done to date.

Some days we just need to create. To let go of expectations, schedules, and deadlines. To fall back in love with love.

I drafted a concept on the car ride to my friend's, we projected it onto the wall, and I went to work. I let my imagination flow, the same way I would draw a page of doodles in the back of the classroom.

Black woman painting on wall.
Bri Simpson painting a mural.

Some days we just need to remember why art life called us. Why we picked up a pencil, or a camera, or a brush. Some days we need to reconnect with that feeling we get when we have butterflies before the curtain rises, or how seeing a sea of faces lights a fire in our bellies. Painting has always been about the alchemy of it. Taking globs of color to a blank canvas and etching a little bit of your heart out for display. Through this project, I was reminded to be bold, to go big, to let go and be.

Watch a full recap of my mural painting process below.


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