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How does your artwork express your soul?

I was recently asked this question for an interview for Vinyle Zine, an Editorial hub for black artists and creatives. Initially I was stumped and unable to gather the words to describe what my artwork means to me. I can go on and on about my influences and history of being an art lover. I can detail the timeline of when I began to take my artwork serious, but to connect with the emotional resonance my artwork has to me ... I was a little hesitant to go that deep.

My artwork has transformed so many times over the years ( you can read about it here in "Art after a baby" and here in "Starting over after Covid" ) to the point where it's now it's own thing, a movement of sorts that ebbs and flows. I believe as artists, and people in general, we have to give ourselves room to try new things, to step outside of what feels familiar. Only then do we begin to really connect and express ourselves to the fullest.

"Over the years, my artwork has grown from being this simple act of self-care into an entire experience. Now when I go to create, I think of the stories I can tell; I choose the colors with intentions; I'm more conscious about who my audience is. I'm also more aware of the fact that who I was when I started painting is different now. My art is always changing, always growing, and still exploring new ideas. As I grow and experience new things in life, it shows in my work."

To read the full interview, click the link below.

- bR!

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