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Behind the art: Ethereal, a curated at home art experience.

This is probably my favorite art concept I've made in a while. With Covid still affecting our day-to-day lives, I wanted to create an offer that you can enjoy from home's comfort and safety. And one day, it came to me: create a curated box themed around my art.

What inspired this collection

Like many, the increased time at home over the last year has led to me trying many new things. I've signed up for more free trials and learning courses than I'd like to admit, one of which was candle making. My mom gifted me with a candle making kit as a birthday gift a few months back, around the same time my friend invited me to an in-person candle making class. As an avid candle and incense user, it never occurred to me I could make candles at home. I love the physical connection of creating by hand, so this felt very natural for me. Mixing scent combinations to create unique, atmospheric vibes felt the same as lighting my favorite candles before painting. And what's a better combination for an at-home experience than candles and wall art.

When you look at the art, I hope you see and feel a little bit of that magic too. I invite you to find new ways to make your home a sacred place.

Everything in this box was handcrafted: the art, the candles, the poems and illustrations, the packaging and design. ⁠I'm so proud of that alone. Holding the final product and seeing an idea come to fruition the way it has, is surreal.

So what's inside the box?

There are 3 versions of the "Ethereal" art box: Meditation, Release, and Moon bath.

Each set contains:

  • #1 original poem + digital illustration

  • #2 hand-poured soy candle inspired by the art

  • #3 5"x7" matte fine art prints.

  • ***#1 signature collection candle called “Dreamer.”

  • A code to a curated Spotify playlist

  • A mini booklet with candle scent descriptions and journal prompts

So here it is, a little piece of me from me to you. This is "Ethereal" and you can purchase your set here

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