Behind the art: Moon Rituals

I've always been fascinated with magic and all things mystical.

It could be the Scorpio in me. Those born under the zodiac have been said to be drawn to anything related to the subject. Light work. Spell casting. Enchanting eyes that pierce the soul and an obsession with power and death. Maybe the interest was one I inherited naturally. My love for magic could also stem from childhood. I was raised on the wizard world of Harry Potter. I read each and every book in grade school, and don't get me started on how many times I've watched the movies (I live for harry potter weekend).

Whatever the case may be, magic has always been an area of interest, something I like to explore and learn about.

I started reading and studying tarot cards early 2016. An artist I follow created these beautifully designed deck of cards. They were vibrant in color and just overall enchanting. I had to have them. I bought a supplementary tarot reading book from a local crystal shop and began my journey. As I studied and practiced recognizing the card meanings and what stories they told, I found myself diver deeper into my own nature. I learned to be present with myself, my thoughts, and my emotions. I usually practiced during new and full moons as a way to set intentions for the upcoming weeks or to release any stress accumulated. Without realizing it I was practicing a moon ritual, an act of self-care and emotional awareness I came to love and enjoy.

“Moon rituals” the series is inspired by the concept of taking time for self, for being present in all your magic, and using it to fill you up. This series is just as much about magic as it is about self care. Each image represents a different act of self care practice like journaling, meditating, and tarot reading. The images also corresponds to different moon phases (crescent, first quarter, full moon).

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