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This series is the first collection of paintings I created after having my daughter. The intention was to "just paint" rather than focus on creating a "masterpiece." They are quirky, imperfect, loosely interpreted thoughts like sketches in a notebook.  It was important to me to find time to paint, an expression of self-care as I navigated a new role, motherhood. 


The series title is a nod to my daughter and I both being born in the colder months. That even in the season of slow and stillness, beauty can still bloom. I go into more detail about this series here.

Baby Monthly Milestones, 2019

I created a series of large paintings that served as the backdrops for my daughter's monthly photo shoot. Each month was a different theme, some abstract, some scenic. I wanted to do something different, something personal that would blend my art life with my new mom life. 

The pieces are all different sizes ranging from 2'x3' and larger. In the series "Behind the art", I go into more detail about motherhood and making art again. 

Moon Rituals,


“Moon rituals” the series is inspired by the concept of taking time for self, for being present in all your magic and using it to fill you up. This series is just as much about magic as it is about self-care. Each image represents a different act of self-care practice like journaling, meditating, and tarot reading. The images also correspond to different moon phases (crescent, first quarter, full moon).


With these paintings, I wanted to do approach my work differently. My other series this year has been about works completed during a certain time frame. For this one, I wanted to add structure to what I was making. I used a limited color palette and a size restriction, plus the theme of the work forced me to find ways to express/expound upon the same concept.

For a deeper look into this series check out the behind the art blog here.

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